i just finished the first page of my new journal!!!!!!! (based on that text post i reblogged earlier <:) )

i should really do all i can to not get diabetes, my dad has it, and it would make life even less fun, but i can´t keep my motivation up cause neuro-bla-bla-brain-mush how do you even do that. like if i have to do boring stuff for ten minutes and then get a reward it feels like a lifetime of boredom to me 
but diabetes, do not want
but brain, no boresszzzzzzZzzZzzZZZzzzZzzZzZZzzZz

god, one time last year i was asleep and i was dreaming that my dog was alive and was sleeping curled up against me like she used to, and then i woke up and she wasn’t there

here, have a picture of me and stefan trying on glasses

An Old Spanish Painting Perfectly Depicts What George Michael And Maeby’s Love Child Would Look Like

i wanna change my blogname but i don’t know what i want it to be called. or i do, it’s just that “uncoolio” is already taken

dammit, “2fab2function” is taken too 


Lucian Freud, Girl with kitten, 1947